Education and University Data Centers are very critical. We offer the upgrade of your old Data Centre with minimum down time, and Designed to Minimize the Human errors. Maximise the efficiency and the capabilities of the DC Hosting. We can also Reduce DC energy consumption, as we offer multiple solutions including Free Cooling solutions.

IP Access Control can be used for safe personnel access,
Access Control with cards can be design for the Students to have rights in areas such as Parkings, Study rooms, Libraries, and other areas.
It also can be used in order to handle the students and the personnel in case of crisis.

IP CCTV is the very important tool for the safety of the premises but also for the students during against potential aggression. We offer secure designs, hardware for heavy usage, extremely reliable CCTV systems, with

  • Video Analytics for verifications
  • Queue management
  • Perimeter Security
  • People counting
  • Suspect Search
  • Face Recognition

Robust Fire Detection systems free of false allarms with addressable sensors, that can integrade with central Operation management systems, people evacuation Public Address systems and safety systems.

Fire Suppression Systems for the Server Data Rooms

PSIM platform, able to centralize all the security management of the organization, and other additional systems related with the operation, in order to obdain Operations Situation Management and Business intelligence

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